Technologies for Worship Magazine’s Out of The Box: StreamFile Core from Pronology

May 5, 2021 – Originally published in Technologies for Worship Magazine, April, 2021

Pronology has added to its cutting-edge broadcast workflow solutions by updating its StreamFile Core™ bridge utility to support both NDI and SRT protocols in addition to integration with Skype. It is ideal for recording church services to formats for editing or posting on social media platforms. Its low cost and scalability make it an ideal fit for any size organization’s publishing needs.

StreamFile Core is a tool for receiving IP video protocols and encoding them into editor-friendly formats such as ProRes, DNx, XDCam and others. This new version integrates both NewTek NDI® and Haivison SRT support providing increased IP and streaming capabilities. It also adds stability features into the software that allow for automatic resolution scaling, frame rate detection and correction. StreamFile Core also allows for an unlimited number of record channels based on hardware performance.

Churches can benefit from StreamFile Core as they move to include remote worship services. Capturing worship events as broadcast quality files and posting them on social media allows people to stay connected to the church despite any distance.

StreamFile Core was built upon the same technology that powers Pronology’s award-winning mRes™ encoder. It enables houses of worship to move to an IP-based platform allowing integrations with Skype, new IP camera technology, and improved streaming experiences. StreamFile Core bridges the gap between IP-based video technology and legacy baseband recording workflows.

This latest version adds support for several additional codecs including the ability to record ProRes and DNx with both .mxf and .mov wrappers. This allows users working from home, in houses of worship, or anywhere, to take their NDI or SRT streams and turn them into edit-ready files for Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and others. StreamFile Core also has the ability to work as a cloud-based model using Amazon Web Services (AWS). Church services can then easily be distributed or archived as desired.

“StreamFile Core allows houses of worship to receive media in new ways, such as Zoom, Skype and IP streams, while still maintaining broadcast quality standards,” says Jonathan Aroesty, president of Pronology. “StreamFile Core is a cost-effective tool designed to run on macOS or Windows 10 systems with minimal setup allowing organizations of any size to adopt to the latest technology and practices.”

StreamFile Core is not limited by frame rate or resolution. Its architecture provides a future-proof way to utilize evolving IP video standards without any hardware upgrades to existing systems. StreamFile Core is an easy-to-use tool that builds upon Pronology’s reputation for creating simple and understandable user interfaces.

StreamFile Core makes it easier to safely connect churches and their participants when in person gatherings are challenging. StreamFile Core is available now.