What it is

rNAS.m4 is a rugged, portable, high performance Network Attached Storage (NAS) system designed for remote and studio production. rNAS.m4 is optimized for higher data throughput than any other product currently in the market, in this portable form factor. rNAS.m4 was developed in direct response to customer requests for resilient, high performance storage that can stand up to the rigors of remote production and transportation.


rNas.m4 is optimized for reading and writing concurrent media streams in a compact form factor. It allows for the acquisition and transport of broadcast media assets and all other types of data in a road-ready enclosure. rNAS.m4 easily handles the increased amounts of data required by 4K productions. This compact and extremely durable NAS solution is also rack-mountable and features a proprietary external status display module.

rNAS.m4 has been used on The Oscars, The GRAMMYs, The Emmys, MTV Video Music Awards, and many more high-profile live and taped events. It is ideal for extreme sports and outdoor events, where the elements can take their toll on traditional equipment. rNAS.m4 comes equipped with enterprise level permissions, security and encryption options. It also supports all common cloud-based integration and connection protocols, making it easy to utilize in a wide range of workflows.

rNAS.m4 is another essential component of Pronology’s full suite of production workflow tools.

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