What it is

rTB is a rugged, portable storage appliance that utilizes a Thunderbolt 3 interface. rTB was developed in response to customer requests for durable and resilient high-performance storage that can stand up to the rigors of remote production and transportation.

rTB is compact, vibration and impact resistant. rTB is also rack-mountable, making it the most versatile storage appliance in the market.

rTB is ideal for users who want the industries’ best hardware RAID technology with the speed and performance of Thunderbolt connectivity.

The sturdy, road-ready design features hot-swappable drives and optimum cooling all while being lightweight, quiet and nearly indestructible.

rTB’s custom hard or soft carrying cases allow for safe and easy transport for shipping invaluable data and media assets.

rTB is another essential component of Pronology’s full suite of production workflow products.

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