Pronology Presents Significant Updates to StreamFile Core™ at NAB 2024

2110 Support and New Shot List Player Amongst Updates to Software Application

March 12, 2024, Las Vegas — Pronology, a developer of cutting-edge broadcast workflow solutions, introduces its latest updates to StreamFile Core™ at NAB 2024 (Booth W3317), including 2110 support and a new Shot List Player. StreamFile Core is a platform for distributing and receiving IP video protocols and encoding them into editor-friendly formats such as ProRes, DNx, XDCam, H.264 and others. It can write media files directly to local or cloud-based storage such as Amazon S3.

StreamFile Core integrates both NDI® and Haivison SRT, providing increased IP and streaming capabilities. It supports SMPTE 2110 utilizing off-the-shelf hardware for a cost-efficient solution. With support for SMPTE 2022-7 and NMOS discovery or manual stream entries, StreamFile Core has the ability to record ProRes, DNx and other video codecs allowing users to work from home, on location or anywhere.

The software’s new Shot List player allows customers to sub clip multiple angles with timecode accuracy, which is ideal for social teams who require access to VOD media from live environments. It is user friendly and simple to use for non-technical personnel. Included are a star rating system and color-coding capabilities, allowing users to categorize and filter clips.

“StreamFile Core allows our customers to take their IP-video streams and turn them into edit-ready files,” says Jonathan Aroesty, president of Pronology. “This latest update further enhances its capabilities by adding more advanced social media tools for those looking to have a straightforward way to access these clips.”

StreamFile Core is being used throughout the broadcast and production industry and can be found on many national programs and podcasts. As a robust, versatile and cost-efficient solution, it can create, record and share multi-views of live streams giving production personnel the ability to view different camera angles. Users can view content in real time or go back to review with DVR functionality. Additionally, each user can customize their own multi-view templates and tailor their screen to the camera angles or other feeds that they want to view and record.

StreamFile Core is available as an annual subscription, enabling customers to access the software through a secure cloud-based web portal.